What Organization Leaders Are Saying About Grid, International

Grid solutions have helped hundreds of companies and thousands of participants to build sound relationships that meet every challenge with confidence and strength. The following testimonials share how Grid has helped organizations around the world to transform their cultures into ones that thrive on the openness, critique, and increased productivity provided by The Power to Change. Imagine what Grid can do for your organization.


Thomas Bruch, CEO, GLOBUS Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

GLOBUS Holding GmbH & Co.

“The basis of Grid leadership embodies the call for peak performance conjoined with high mutual respect. Within this conjunction, I see the core for successful leadership.”

Ian Povey, Managing Director, Classic Couverture Ltd., United Kingdom

Classic Couverture Ltd.

“Grid has provided CCL (Classic Couverture Ltd.) with a structured framework to address individual and team effectiveness and added an exceptional extra dimension to our understanding of the people factor. More importantly, the framework provides ongoing measurement and has made the intangible totally tangible.”

Prof. James Drennan, Police Educator, Georgian College, Justice & Public Safety Institute, Ontario, Canada

Georgian College, Ontario Canada

“I have now been in policing and education for 32 years, and I have never seen a more beneficial and pragmatic program than the Leadership Grid. The Grid provides a functional, hands-on, and total individual involvement experience.”

Richard Illek, General Manager, Pepsico China Ltd.

Pepsico China Ltd.

“My experience in China and Russia shows me that people everywhere have the same needs and attitudes toward the values of openness, critique, advocacy, and integrity. The Grid is a truly international concept to help people to work toward these values and attain them.”

Lovro Mandac, Chairman of the Board, Kaufhof Warenhaus AG, Germany

Kaufhof Warenhaus AG, Germany

“With emphasis on servicing the customer, we want to set ourselves apart from the market. Grid is the right instrument, because it enables the manager to see that he, himself, is not a single person, but a member and part of a whole team.”

Brian Piwek, President of Overwaitea Food Group, British Columbia, Canada

Overwaitea Food Group

“Grid was like someone had turned on a thousand watt light bulb because for the first time, I could see the whole room. And I could see…all the obstacles. Then I began to understand the different dynamics and how I was impacting people. That's why I've taken Grid on with such vigor in this company. We have a tool, a way, and a goal to manage the company culture…”

Ben Edwards, Chairman Emeritus, A.G. Edwards & Sons, USA

A.G. Edwards & Sons

“We used the Grid Program to develop a model that…has been valid for us to this day. We have reviewed it every year thereafter, but we have never changed it. Our business has changed, the times have changed, but the concepts we had were sort of timeless. They have been part of our being ever since. We did Grid and it worked.”

Jim Tobin, COO, Biogen, Inc., USA

Biogen, Inc.

“I'm amazed. This was the most useful leadership-development solution I've found in 24 years.”

Phillippe Tafelmacher, Managing Director, Tetra Pak South Africa (Pty.) Ltd.

Tetra Pak South Africa

“Grid is a life changing experience in a way never experienced with any previous effort or initiative. It has enlightened me to the point that I can claim today that I am a better leader, husband, and father.”

Dietrich Sturm, HR Director, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany

Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany

“We moved away from the static hierchical structures. Experiencing Grid helped our managers a lot, especially through the self-reflection and feedback process.”

Inge Pettersson, CEO, Neste Oxo AB, Sweden

Neste Oxo AB, Sweden

“Grid development has had a remarkable impact on our organization. Our efficiency has increased, we handle more issues than a year ago, and managers' relationships with employees have improved. I am very pleased. Grid will be a foundation for realigning our organization.”

Jim Falconer, Group Sales and Marketing Director, Acatos and Hutcheson Plc., United Kingdom

Acatos and Hutcheson Plc., United Kingdom

“The Grid approach works! It gave us a common culture that united a disparate organization, as well as giving us a sound methodology to tackle crucial business problems.Grid can unlock the full potential of each individual and enable teams to achieve the highest levels of synergy.”

Leonard D'Costa, Group President, Corp. Development, Piramal Enterprises Ltd., India

Piramal Enterprises Ltd., India

“The Grid transforms hearts and minds. It is a powerful vehicle that allows honesty without its destructive impacts, thus building commitment to the organisation's vision, values, and business goals.”

Jan Heiniƶ, President, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Japan

Pharmacia & Upjohn, Japan

“In the merger process of Pharmacia and Upjohn in Japan, Grid has been an important step in building the new company and the new business culture. We intend to introduce many more of our employees to this valuable management tool. I am very pleased with the Grid concept, and expect to continue to work with this concept in the company.”