What Organization Team Members Are Saying About Grid, International

Grid solutions have helped hundreds of companies and thousands of participants to build sound relationships that meet every challenge with confidence and strength. The following testimonials share how Grid has helped organizations around the world to transform their cultures into ones that thrive on the openness, critique, and increased productivity provided by The Power to Change. Imagine what Grid can do for your organization.


“Would I recommend Grid? Without hesitation. This was one of those rare experiences which provide perspective and insights not easily gained in any other way. The experience was exhilarating for me. I've recommitted myself to creating these types of experiences for my present and future teams.”

“I feel I have come away with the most effective tools I have ever been presented with.”

“This was an absolutely outstanding concept. The Grid gave me the knowledge of how to enact change at the organizational level and personal level. All should experience it!”

“I learned skills that are practical tools to improve my leadership. Not a philosophy-but skills to use today.”

“It wasn't until we got into Grid that teamwork took off.”

“The most rewarding experience for personal and team growth and understanding.”

“I've gone through many courses, but the intensity and practical applicability of the Grid elements were realistic.”

“Totally revitalizing! Grid is a powerful tool that will help me make a measurable difference.”

“I felt I came away with who I really am and how I need to change to be a more effective and productive leader.”

“Grid has provided me with valuable tools I can use in my everyday routine.”

“This has been the best roundtable I have ever been to. I truly believe that this can work.”

“This experience has been a real eye-opener. Understanding how others view my behaviour has allowed or forced me to make positive changes in my personal life and workplace.”

“Completely eye-opening and rewarding.”

“I doubt I will ever experience more effective solutions than I have at Grid.”

“Top-notch program.”

“If you have teamwork with synergy, you have mutual trust and respect and high levels of candor. Grid helps people focus on the team and getting the best results possible.”

“Grid is the only data-driven program I've ever seen that demonstrates how to make a team function well.”

“We have to be very good at being team players. Grid helps you learn to contribute more effectively to teams.”

“Outstanding, substantive, and focused on providing tools for success.”

“Invaluable learning experience!”

“Excellent, informative, and inspiring.”

“The best roundtable I have ever attended. Our team developed a relationship that will continue in our work environment.”

“Grid was an eye-opener that helped me to understand my behavior at work and at home and the power to change.”

“Eye-opening—I can apply this to daily behavior.”

“A process where I felt I really learned something. More importantly, I learned about myself.”

“Grid has provided our organization with a common language and skill set. How we conduct meetings, make decisions, and generally work together is greatly improved. It has met all of my expectations and much more.”

“I'm amazed. This is the most useful leadership-development process I've found in 24 years.”