The number of Grid participants is well into the millions from thousands of organizations across the five-decade company history. Grid International currently has more than 435 active multi-national clients in 17 industries. A few recent examples of results include:


Big and Audacious Goal to Increase Oil Production

Kuwait Oil Company

Kuwait Oil Company brought in Grid to achieve its 2030 strategy, which is to increase daily oil production from 2.5 million to 4 million barrels by the year 2030.

Creating a Sustainable Point of Difference in a Highly Competitive Financial Market

Byblos Bank

Byblos Bank used Grid to maintain their market share and competitive position in a turbulent economy after  the drastic drop in oil prices. Transforming the banking culture to an interdependent culture resulted in a significant increase in candor, transparency and trust, leading to higher levels of commitment, and bottom-line performance.


National Bank of Kuwait

National Bank of Kuwait used Grid OD to make a leap so competitors cannot easily follow them.

Increasing Efficiency and Minimizing Costs and CapEx to Fuel Profitability

Nampak Flexible, South Africa

Nampak Flexible (South Africa) experienced an exponential profit increase after adopting the Grid Strategy, leading the company to receive the prestigious Chairman Award for the Best Business of the Year 2010.



Exxon: Grid OD was responsible for at least several million dollars of controllable cost savings and profit increase at an Exxon plant with 4,000 employees. In addition, Grid delivered a sizable increase in employee productivity during its first year. The Grid Intergroup Conflict Solving process helped one Exxon plant avert a strike and rise from eleventh in the financial performance of the company’s plants to number one.

Making Vision and Mission a Reality in the Construction Business

Maple Reinders Constuctors, Canada.

Maple Reinders Constructors (Canada) began undertaking a major change when their revenues doubled in less than two years. Grid helped them incorporate the new growth the right way, by building a culture that supports their mission and vision. They were recognized in 2009 as one of Canada's "Top 50 Best Employers".

Building an Interdependent Culture Characterized by Candor, Trust, and Transparency

Classic Couverture, Ltd., UK

Classic Couverture Ltd. (UK) sought to remove silo thinking and improve communication, cooperation, and coordination across the organization. The Grid process uncovered significant unresolved conflict, and strengthened communication, cooperation, and coordination throughout the business.


FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company, USA

FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company (FENOC) (USA) brought in Grid when operation performance issues drew attention to the need for improved communications at all levels. Results cited by leaders include improved and more respectful relationships, improved trust in the more team-based environment, greater focus on problem resolution, increased examination of potential problems and preventive actions, and more recognition for doing what is right rather than the past model of who is right.

Transforming a Culture of Deeply Entrenched Distrust to Cooperation

Police Service of Northern Ireland, Belfast

Police Service of Northern Ireland (Belfast): In 2001 the "Royal Ulster Constabulary" (RUC) became the Police Service of Northern Ireland. They brought in Grid to help ensure that the predominantly Protestant police service hired and maintained an equal proportion of Catholic members. Leaders said the Grid programs would forever change the way they approached decision-making and problem solving in both their daily work and home lives.

Driving Profits Despite a Soft Macroeconomic Environment

Tetra Pak Russia

Tetra Pak Russia brought in Grid to substantially increase their business and sign new contracts with new clients such as PepsiCo in times when the world economy is suffering.


A & P Grocery Stores

A&P Stores in North America used Grid to increase their share price from $25 to more than $65 in less than two years.

Change Impacts People Regardless of Public or Private Sector

Saudi Electricity Company

Saudi Electricity Company used Grid to help get buy-in and support after merging all the companies into one corporation, due to the resistence of the people to cooperate.


NAPCO Saudi Arabia

NAPCO Saudi Arabia used Grid to secure a successful change management, while moving from the classical structure to a matrix structure. The purpose is to increase productivity and efficiency by maintaining low costs.

Creating Exponential Growth

A.G. Edwards and Sons

Grid helped A.G. Edwards & Sons to grow from a region Midwest brokerage firm into the fourth largest investment firm in the U.S. and become the envy of the industry. A.G. Edwards went from 531 investment brokers, 62 offices, and a share price of USD $12 to 6,070 brokers, 569 offices, and a share price of USD $858.